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Dress Code

Students who attend ASMS are required to follow the STPSB Dress Code policies. We follow all rules and regulations set forth in the STPSB district handbook. Dress and Personal Grooming Providing an effective learning environment for all students includes expectations that students are well-kept, dressed and groomed in a manner that permits them to actively participate in school and that does not distract the education process. Student dress and grooming are not to adversely affect the student's participation in classes, school programs, or other school-related activities. Extremes in style and fit in student dress and extremes in style of grooming will not be permitted. Please note that hair must be clean. Sculptured hair styles that include pictures, symbols, letters, numbers, or hair in curlers, rollers, or excessively teased, etc., will not be permitted. Hoods may be worn outside on inclement days, but are not allowed to be worn inside of the school building. Make-up is not allowed. The following link includes information about the St. Tammany Parish School Board policies:

Uniforms are required for all students. Navy blue and white polo-type shirts (long or short sleeves) are worn each day with khaki bottoms only (this includes jumpers). No writing should be in view on the shirt (Polo, American Eagle, etc.) with the exception of the school logo. Girls may wear shorts, skorts, pants, jumpers or cropped pants. Girls may wear footed tights (no leggings) under their skirts, if desired, and these colors are limited to navy, white or natural. Skirts or shorts must be fingertip length or longer. Boys may wear shorts or long pants. All pants MUST have a zipper and button with a finished hem, no pull-on or athletic pants are allowed. Socks are required for all students each day and we strongly suggest that students wear athletic-type shoes for their safety. Pants that are ill-fitting, too tight, frayed, torn, or saggy will not be permitted.

Any color outerwear (coats, sweaters, and jackets) will be permitted outside, but needs to allow school uniform apparel to be visible at all times. Only Abita Springs Middle sweatshirts or a solid navy or white sweatshirt/sweater with no logo are allowed inside. All other outer jackets need to open in the front with buttoned or zippered fronts to allow the school uniform apparel to be visible. Please mark all outerwear with a marker, as well as lunch boxes and book bags. Lost and found is located outside the cafeteria.